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Privacy A long time ago someone said that Russian had no word for 'privacy', as though this was another sinister symptom of a communist state. ) In fact, I doubt if any language has a comprehensive one word equivalent for 'privacy'. The Spanish intimidad and to a lesser extent the French intimité fit in some contexts, but they are evidently more 'intimate' than 'privacy' in others. 'Privacy' has important components of personal solitude, tranquility, freedom from interruption and interference, the reverse of publicity and the media.

When asked about this type of translation, I have suggested that where there are choices, the translation should be slightly more rather than slightly less erotic than the original. ) The erotic instinct is universal rather than cultural, but its direction is influenced by censorship, which may be ideological as well as governmental, and by commercially motivated fashion in clothes. Universally, its goal is the buttocks*, thighs, hips and the genitals rather than busts, legs, shoulder and (even, when compelled) ankles.

In principle, the translator finds a single TL equivalent for any SL key word, and repeats it whenever it is used. When there is no one-to-one equivalent and the term is partly transparent and partly misleading, it is sometimes transferred for an educated readership: thus the 17th Century gloire, meaning public national State honour or prestige, as opposed to personal honour (honneur) so brilliantly Page 8 savaged in Corneille, may be reproduced at each mention in the SL text. The difficulty may come when a key word in the SL text has several even apparently contrary senses, and the translator has to translate differently at each mention.

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