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Cairo: Arab League Institute o f Arabic Manuscripts, 1957. Kunitzsch, P. “ Die arabische Herkunft von zwei Sternverzeichnissen in cod. Vat. gr. 1056,” Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft, 120 (1970), 281-287. Des Claudius Ptolemdus Handbuch der Astronomie, fibers, von Karl Ma­ nitius, 2 vols. Leipzig: Teubner, 1912-1913. Nallino, C. A. al-Battani sive Albatenii Opus Astronomicum. 3 parts. Milan and Rome, 1899-1907. Neugebauer, O. The Exact Sciences in Antiquity. 2nd ed. New York: Dover Publications, 1969.

12. I have examined MS Yale 1475, an edition o f the tables attributed to Sulayman b. Hamza b. Bakhshish. MSS Cairo Dar al-Kutub, miqat 25M and 26M contain only the lunar tables. The Z ij al-shams wa-l-qamar attributed to Ibn al-Majdi (M S Cairo Dar al-Kutub, miqat 44M; cf. Kennedy [1], no. 36) contains only tables from the Durr alyatim. See also notes 30 and 31 below. 13. Cf. Kennedy [1], no. 12. 14. On al-$alihi see Suter [1], no. 454. I have examined the lunar tables in MS Princeton Yahuda 4402, in which the equation is tabulated for each 2° o f 2t| and each 1° o f y, and MS Cairo Azhar falak 4386, in which the planetary equations are tabulated for each 6° o f apogee distance and each 10 o f mean anomaly.

And writing at the top the arguments from 1° to 6S0° and at the bottom the arguments from 11*29° to 6S0°. The 6*0° arguments are on the last page, and the sum o f the arguments on the top and bottom o f each page is 12s. However, in the tables which I have come across, the com­ piler put on some pages one degree, on others two degrees together, and on others three degrees, completely without any proportion or order. Perhaps the person who compiled the tables prepared one page o f tables instead o f two or three in cases when the second equation [ere] was the same for the different arguments and the first equation [C3] was similar ( mutaqdrib) for these arguments.

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