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By Youcef al-Qaradawi

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Download e-book for iPad: Following Muhammad: Rethinking Islam in the Contemporary by Carl W. Ernst

In contrast to many "Islam 101" books released considering the fact that September eleven, 2001, Following Muhammad avoids the traps of sensational political reveal and really expert scholarly Orientalism. Carl Ernst introduces readers to the profound non secular assets of Islam whereas clarifying variety and debate in the culture.

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Html, 2008. 68 22 Islamophobia Islamophobia that are apparent as well as consider some of the underlying factors and causes that are apparent. The final section of this book explores the critical and timely questions that are now necessary, beginning with an exploration of whether Islamophobia exists, the final chapters look at how Islamophobia compares with other models and theories of discrimination such as racism, before concluding with the positing of a new definition of Islamophobia as well as a new means by which to understand exactly what the phenomenon might be.

And as media interest and further coverage continued to become more widely disseminated, increasingly emphasising the menace presented by the spectre of fundamentalism, so this discourse became increasingly nondifferentiable. As Said wrote: since the events in Iran caught European and American attention so strongly ... they have portrayed [Islam], characterised it, analysed it ...   Said (1997), XI. From Revolution to Revival, Rushdie and the Clash of Civilisations 41 The Revolution therefore became both the source and the benchmark against which contemporary negative and stereotypical representations of Islam and Muslims developed.

Prior to the twelfth century, little evidence exists to suggest that any substantive writing about Muhammad from a European context was in evidence. Yet following the Crusades, a newly emergent and greater eschatological  Norman Daniel, Islam and the West: the Making of an Image (Oxford: Oneworld, 2000). Revelation to Reformation, Orientalism and Colonialism 29 focus was placed upon him, one that supported many of the notions about Islam being heretical. One significant aspect of this was the belief that Muhammad was the anti-Christ and, via Christian theological interpretation at least, heralded the impending end of the world.

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Introduction a l'Islam by Youcef al-Qaradawi

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