Anticarbohydrate Antibodies: From Molecular Basis to by François-Xavier Theillet, Pierre Chassagne (auth.), Paul PDF

By François-Xavier Theillet, Pierre Chassagne (auth.), Paul Kosma, Sven Müller-Loennies (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9783709108697

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ISBN-13: 9783709108703

Many pathogens and aberrant malignant cells exhibit distinctive carbohydrates on their floor representing appealing goals for vaccine layout. substantial development has lately been made within the identity of novel carbohydrate established vaccines and a mess has reached scientific section experiences. The luck of a number of authorized carbohydrate established vaccines opposed to bacterial pathogens comparable to Haemophilus influenzae kind b, Neisseria meningitidis or Streptococcus pneumoniae demonstrates their nice power. in spite of the fact that, the research of anti-carbohydrate antibodies is technically hard and partially as a result of low affinities and promiscuous specificity they've got no longer been medically exploited to complete capability. The examine of antibody specificities and id of protecting carbohydrate epitopes lies on the center of winning vaccine layout. as well as remedy, antibodies regularly function diagnostic instruments in scientific and medical laboratories. during this atmosphere excessive affinity and beautiful specificity are vital components for his or her winning use. “Anticarbohydrate Antibodies – from molecular foundation to scientific program” compiles present wisdom at the immunological acceptance of carbohydrates by means of the adaptive immune approach from a molecular point of view offering basic perception wanted for advancing clinically correct diagnostics and healing purposes. in line with major development within the fields of glycoimmunology and structural biology lately, the publication comprehensively experiences the state of the art in defining the foremost components of carbohydrate attractiveness via antibodies, the molecular mimicry of carbohydrate epitopes in addition to the molecular positive factors resulting in particular and comfortable binding modes. Backed-up by means of a mix of contemporary applied sciences to explain structural info of carbohydrate-antibody interactions, biomedically very important carbohydrate antigens from viral, bacterial, parasite, insect and tumor cells were analyzed in in-depth stories written by way of famous specialists within the box. primary wisdom of those molecular mechanisms ultimately offers a rational foundation to enhance efficacy of carbohydrate-based vaccines and to extra refine diagnostic instruments in detection of pathogens and malignant cells.

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Eur J Org Chem 5526–5542 Boutet J, Guerreiro C, Mulard LA (2009) Efficient synthesis of six tri- to hexasaccharide fragments of Shigella flexneri serotypes 3a and/or X O-antigen, including a study on acceptors containing N-trichloroacetylglucosamine versus N-acetylglucosamine. J Org Chem 74:2651–2670 Boutonnier A, Villeneuve S, Nato F, Dassy B, Fournier JM (2001) Preparation, immunogenicity, and protective efficacy, in a murine model, of a conjugate vaccine composed of the polysaccharide moiety of the lipopolysaccharide of Vibrio cholerae O139 bound to tetanus toxoid.

However, the E2C2 and E20 C20 dihedral angles differ widely from each other, with the former linkage adopting a high energy non-exoanomeric (anti, anti) conformation (Vulliez-Le Normand et al. 2008). This conformation was also seen in the free form albeit to a much lesser extent than the normal exoanomeric conformation (Theillet et al. 2011b). A more recent investigation on F22-4 in complex with trito hexasaccharides, using STD-NMR combined with MD simulations in explicit solvent, indicated that interaction was mediated by constant tight binding of E2C2D2 to the mAb via persistent hydrogen bonds forcing the trisaccharide segment in the conformation seen in the co-crystal, whereas residues A2, B2, A20 , B20 and D200 show a higher degree of flexibility and do not strongly interact with the Ab (Theillet et al.

J Clin Microbiol 26:1801–1809 Ahmed F, Andre-Leroux G, Haouz A, Boutonnier A, Delepierre M, Qadri F, Nato F, Fournier JM, Alzari PM (2008) Crystal structure of a monoclonal antibody directed against an antigenic determinant common to Ogawa and Inaba serotypes of Vibrio cholerae O1. Proteins 70:284–288 Allison GE, Verma NK (2000) Serotype-converting bacteriophages and O-antigen modification in Shigella flexneri. Trends Microbiol 8:17–23 Backinowsky LV, Gomtsyan AR, Byramova NE, Kochetkov NK, Yankina NF (1985) Synthesis of oligosaccharide fragments of Shigella-flexneri O-specific polysaccharide.

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