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By Arthur H. Hall (auth.)

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This is shown by the coefficients of variation, which are 0. 09 for B. EXERCISE 6. 2 Calculate the mean, standard deviation and coefficient of variation for each of the following distributions. 5 Combining Two or More Distributions One reason why the standard deviation is a preferred measure of dispersion is that it can be used in combining the results of an investigation from more than one source. Market researchers may incorporate two investigations from different regions or a current one with an earlier one.

Millions. It also happens that data may be given in different units with the result that means and standard deviations appear to be widely divergent. These problems are overcome by comparing the standard deviation with the mean. The fraction Standard Deviation Mean is called the Coefficient of Variation. 2. Note that in some texts the coefficient of variation is given as a percentage. 33 r_xample In 5 Test matches cricketers A and B scored runs as shown. 8 When means and standard deviations are considered together it seems fairly clear that A is more likely to be out without scoring.

Draw the ·regression line of milk on Lactox using the three-point method and find the equation of this line. 2 oz. of Lactox? 7. An investigation into horse racing provided the following figures at the end of a flat-racing season. Trainer No. of horses No. of wins B A 24 42 8 11 c 38 70 D 33 49 E 31 50 F 36 55 G 35 63 H 22 33 I 35 35 J 22 41 K 32 46 L 32 55 Plot the data using the x-axis for the number of horses and draw the regression line of wins on horses. Which trainers might consider they had done better than average?

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