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By Olle Gunnarsson

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Alkali-doped fullerides have attracted powerful curiosity in view that their construction grew to become attainable approximately fifteen years in the past. This publication offers fresh paintings which could resolve exciting difficulties coming up from various notable homes. for instance, those solids are superconductors with excessive transition temperatures, even if the similarity among the digital and phonon power scales may still suppress superconductivity. furthermore, the Ioffe–Regel situation for electric conductivity is strongly violated. The booklet exhibits why superconductivity is however attainable, because of a neighborhood pairing mechanism. The Ioffe–Regel situation is derived quantum-mechanically, and it's defined why the underlying assumptions are violated for fullerides and high-Tc cuprates, for instance. The booklet treats digital and shipping houses, reviewing theoretical and experimental effects. It specializes in superconductivity, electric conductivity and metal–insulator transitions, emphasizing the electron–electron and electron–phonon interactions in addition to the Jahn–Teller influence.

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Ordered RbsCeo and with the Rb atom on the octahedral site. Apart from a small spike at the Rb core, there is very little charge around the Rb site. The reason 43 for the small occupancy of the alkali atoms in A3C60 is that the hopping is due to the coherent hopping from a tiu orbital via several carbon atoms. The corresponding amplitudes then have to be added up, as indicated in Eq. 16). For instance, a tetrahedral alkali atom sits symmetrically above a hexagon and couples strongly to the corresponding six carbon atoms.

Molecule y-oriented, both bonds can lie above or below the connecting line. In this case the 2pr orbitals on the two molecules are lined up quite well and the interaction is stronger. 78 We can describe this by introducing an antiferromagnetic Ising model. A spin is associated with each molecule, for instance spin up if the molecule is rc-oriented and spin down if it is y-oriented. The antiferromagnetic Ising model then describes how neighboring molecules preferentially have opposite orientations.

Apart from this, the caption of Fig. *2). 211. 7) The remaining two functions \tiu,mb) can be obtained by rotating this function around the threefold axes [111] and [111]. The interesting hu function is the lowest one of the two available hu functions. A bonding hu orbital can be projected out from the bonding combination of the 2pr orbitals on atom number 3 and its reflection in the x = 0 plane. This orbital is shown in Fig. 1. An antibonding hu orbital is projected out from the antibonding combination of 2pr orbitals on atom number 2 and its reflection in the 2 = 0 plane.

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