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E. the fall of man from heaven to earth. Unlike Kavlr, which is a collection of different articles, . HUbüt is only one article from beginning ta end . Shariati's digressive style of writing is best exemplified in HubYt. " The whole book is a continuous digression from one theme ta another, without a formaI transition place. It starts with an account of the creation of man who is at the same time Adam and Shariati. No "one" made me. God did. Not in a way that "someone wanted" since l had no one, my on~~as God ( :>j.

Everybody is responsible for his prosperity. Everybody should try for his own happiness, tranquility and interest. How base and despicable are the souls that are hoping for the sacrifice of others. This is the dirtiest kind of begging. 51 His belief in the inherent potential of man is another permanent trace that Existentialism has left on Shariati: Whatever happens in life, l cannot believe that l have been wrong in my understanding of man. l will not lose my faith in man. 1 cannot imagine that man is an ordinary being, a natural phenomenon, it is not possible for man to be of the same material as nature.

Yâdna~a-yi ShahId-1 JavId ~IT-i shariCatI, pp. 8-9. Abü Dharr al-GhifarT was a companion of the Prophet Muhammad, known particularly for his asceticism and his insistence on the just distribution of wealth. 6. , pp. 13-15. 7. See Chapter III, previous Works, p. 29, note 44. 8. Ali Shariati, KavTr, p. 88. 9. , p. 84. 10. Ibid. Il. Suroosh Irfani, Revolutionary Islam in Iran, p. 120. 12. _ When he applied for a passport he used cA1i - i Mazinani as his name, and apparently sinee there was no record of Mazinani in the files of the police the passport was issued to him.

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