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20:74; 5:33; 26:49) and who was himself put to death in 322/933 in the same manner as his rival. Hamid was himself killed by a Baghdad mob in 311/924 after being paraded through the streets stuffed in a pig skin. In summary, we can say that the world to Hallaj was in a serious condition caused by humans afflicted with moral compromise and blindness, the roots of which were self-indulgence, greed, officially condoned cruelty, decadence, all things separating the Community from God, true guidance, and grace.

I cry to You for hearts so long refreshed The Facts of His Life and Theme of Disappearance 29 By clouds of revelation, which once filled up with seas of wisdom. I cry to You for the Word of God, which since it perished Has faded into nothing in our memory. I cry to You for signs that have been gathered up by intellects, Now nothing reminds of them except debris. I cry to You, I swear it by Your love, For the witness of those whose only mount for reaching You was silence. All have crossed the desert, leaving neither well nor trace behind, Vanished like the 'Ad tribe and their lost city of Iram.

Apart from the legality or political exigency of his appalling execution and the questions that persist regarding either, one receives ripples of fright at the thought that faith could lead one to such an end in any civilized society. And Islamic society was indeed civilized in Hallaj's time, with all the accoutrements of culture, manners, learning and sophistication current in its cities, especially Baghdad. Indeed the wealth and patronage for humane learning and scientific research in a variety of areas, including literature, law, mathematics, medicine, astronomy, and traditional religious sciences, was at one of its apogees in Islam.

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