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Absolute measurable area and absolute null area are very outdated topological notions, constructed from famous evidence of descriptive set idea, topology, Borel degree idea and research. This monograph systematically develops and returns to the topological and geometrical origins of those notions. Motivating the advance of the exposition are the motion of the crowd of homeomorphisms of an area on Borel measures, the Oxtoby-Ulam theorem on Lebesgue-like measures at the unit dice, and the extensions of this theorem to many different topological areas. lifestyles of uncountable absolute null house, extension of the Purves theorem and up to date advances on homeomorphic Borel chance measures at the Cantor house, are one of many subject matters mentioned. A short dialogue of set-theoretic effects on absolute null area is given, and a four-part appendix aids the reader with topological measurement concept, Hausdorff degree and Hausdorff size, and geometric degree conception.

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Hence the definition of property M clearly is independent of the metric for metrizable spaces X . The appropriate modification of property M has resulted in our definition of absolute measurable spaces, the modifier absolute is used to emphasize the topological embedding feature of the definition. Since every metric space is metrizable, this change in definition will cause no loss in the analysis of any specific metric space. The next chapter will be concerned with the notion of universally measurable sets X in a metrizable space Y .

The remaining part of the proof is trivial. 2. A characterization of univ M(X ). Let X be a separable metrizable space and recall that the collection of all positive measures on X is denoted by MEASpos (X ). Define the two collections univ M pos (X ) = M(X , µ) : µ ∈ MEASpos (X ) , univ Npos (X ) = N(X , µ) : µ ∈ MEASpos (X ) . Clearly, univ M(X ) ⊂ univ Mpos (X ) and univ N(X ) ⊂ univ Npos (X ). We have the following characterization. 17. Let X be a separable metrizable space. Then univ M(X ) = univ M pos (X ) and univ N(X ) = univ Npos (X ).

Let fα be such that fβ < fα < gα whenever β < α. The α-th step of the transfinite construction is now completed. Suppose that there is an h such that fα <* h <* gα for every α. Then for some m there will be uncountably many fβ such that δ( fβ , h) = m. Hence P(F<α , h) fails for some α, which contradicts ✷ the Hausdorff observation that P(F<α , h) holds whenever fα < h < gα . 3. The Sierpinski ´ and Szpilrajn example. Sierpi´nski and Szpilrajn gave this example in [142]. It uses the constituent decomposition of co-analytic spaces (see Appendix A, page 181).

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