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Alpha-blocker drugs COMMON DRUGS • Alfuzosin • Doxazosin • Indoramin • Prazosin • Tamsulosin • Terazosin A group of drugs used to treat hyperten(high blood pressure) and urinary symptoms resulting from an enlarged prostate gland (see prostate, enlarged). Alpha-blocker drugs interfere with the nerve signals that govern the contraction of blood vessels This causes the vessels to widen (vasodilation), thereby reducing the blood pressure. In the treatment of an enlarged prostate gland, alpha-blockers relax the ring of muscles at the bladder outlet, which improves the outflow of urine.

RECOVERY AND OUTLOOK The stump is usually swollen for about six weeks after the operation. For some time after amputation, there may also be an unpleasant sensation that the limb is still present. This phenomenon is known as “phantom limb”. A prosthesis will usually be fitted, if necessary, once the stump has healed and the swelling has gone down. amputation, congenital The separation of a body part (usually a limb, finger, or toe) from the rest of the body, as a result of the blood supply to the part being blocked, in the uterus, by a band of amnion (fetal membrane).

The remainder consists of dilute concentrations of the substances found in blood plasma, along with cells and lipids (fats) from the fetus. Amniotic fluid appears during the first week following conception, and it gradually increases in volume until the tenth week, when it increases very rapidly. After approximately 35 weeks’ gestation, the volume of fluid slowly starts to decline. In a small number of pregnancies, polyhydramnios (the formation of excessive amounts of amniotic fluid) occurs; less frequently, oligohydramnios (the formation of insufficient fluid) occurs.

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