A Writer's Guide to Overcoming Rejection: A Practical Sales by Edward Baker PDF

By Edward Baker

ISBN-10: 1840240105

ISBN-13: 9781840240108

This consultant teaches the reader how you can promote themselves and their ebook with a purpose to get in print. utilizing revenues recommendations taken from different industries, it demonstrates how the author can goal and industry their publication within the aggressive enterprise of publishing.

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The second thing to bear in mind is that rejection is a normal and inevitable part of the sales cycle, as discussed in Chapter One. If you were selling insurance, double glazing or cars you would expect people to say no more than they do yes. Writing begins with selling an idea and not everyone is going to like what you’ve got to offer. To think any differently is to live in a dream world, to be like a boxer who enters the ring never expecting to get hit. Reality will soon disabuse the boxer of this particular erroneous notion, and he will learn to duck, weave and roll with the blows.

The next could be linked to the first request for sample material and so on. Structure things so that the greater the effort, the greater the reward. With everything now in place you can start to use your dreams scrapbook. Flick through it as often as you can, especially before going to sleep. Let your mind’s eye as well as your physical ones linger over the treats. Imagine yourself owning them, how they will feel, how other people will react to you if you possess them. Keep practising and want them until it hurts.

In some ways that’s as good if not better for your writing. Start off, as always, at an emotional level before taking any practical steps. Contemplate for a while how very, very fortunate you are to be where you are in this world plagued by famine, war and terror. Your life may not be a bed of roses but compared to the lot of the most of humanity past, present and future it’s pretty decent. Though it sounds old fashioned, learn to count your blessings. On a practical, luck-generating level, do the same thing as you are doing with your writing - get the numbers to work for you.

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