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One of the main common questions in arithmetic is whether or not a space minimizing floor spanning a contour in 3 area is immersed or no longer; i.e. does its spinoff have maximal rank in all places.

The goal of this monograph is to offer an uncomplicated evidence of this very primary and lovely mathematical end result. The exposition follows the unique line of assault initiated via Jesse Douglas in his Fields medal paintings in 1931, specifically use Dirichlet's strength in preference to region. Remarkably, the writer indicates tips on how to calculate arbitrarily excessive orders of derivatives of Dirichlet's strength outlined at the endless dimensional manifold of all surfaces spanning a contour, breaking new flooring within the Calculus of diversifications, the place commonly purely the second one spinoff or edition is calculated.

The monograph starts with effortless examples resulting in an evidence in lots of circumstances that may be offered in a graduate direction in both manifolds or complicated research. hence this monograph calls for in simple terms the main uncomplicated wisdom of study, advanced research and topology and will hence be learn by way of virtually someone with a easy graduate education.

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44) 1 2 , A1 · A2m−2n+1 = − Rm 2 and therefore 2 2m−2 w + ···, Xˆ ww (w) · Xˆ ww (w) = (m − n)2 Rm Rm = 0. 43) implies 2 2m Xˆ w (w) · Xˆ w (w) = (w 2n p(w) + Rm w ) + O(|w|2m+1 ) as w → 0 where p(w) is a polynomial of degree 2 in w with := m − n which is of the form p(w) = A1 · A1 + 2A1 · A2 w + (2A1 · A3 + A2 · A2 )w2 + (2A1 · A4 + 2A2 · A3 )w 3 + (2A1 · A5 + 2A2 · A4 + A3 · A3 )w 4 + · · · + (2A1 · A2 +1 + 2A2 · A2 + · · · + 2A = c0 + c1 w + c2 w2 + · · · + c2 w2 , +2 ·A +A +1 ·A +1 )w 2 cj ∈ C.

Case 2. μ(α, γ ) is either zero as in Case 1, or μ(α, γ ) = 1 + 2m − n − 2γ − 2β − 1 = 2 + 2m − n − 2(γ + β + 1) = 2 + 2m − n − 2(m + 1 − α) = 2α − n > 0. Case 3. As in Case 2 we have μ(α, γ ) > 0. 2. 1 is complete. Chapter 4 The First Main Theorem; Non-exceptional Branch Points; The Non-vanishing of the Lth Derivative of Dirichlet’s Energy Let us state our main goal: Assuming that Xˆ ∈ C(Γ ) is a nonplanar minimal surface in normal form having w = 0 as a branch point of order n and index m, we want to show that Xˆ cannot be a weak relative minimizer of Dirichlet’s integral D in the class C(Γ ).

We shall give the proof only under the assumptions n ≥ 3 since n = 1 is easily dealt with by a method presented in the next section. (Moreover it would suffice to treat the case m ≥ 6 since 2m − 2 < 3n is already treated by the Wienholtz theorem. e. 1 The Strategy of the Proof The strategy to find the first non-vanishing derivative of E(t) at t = 0 that can be made negative consists in the following four steps: (I) Guess the candidate L for which E (L) (0) < 0 can be achieved with a suitable choice of the generator τ = φ(0).

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