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By Carole Kayrooz

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This article offers an method of operating with girls who've bulimia nervosa that's in response to examine displaying that bulimia nervosa consists of interpersonal, social and societal elements in addition to the cognitive, developmental and behavioural facets which were the focal point of a lot specialist intervention so far. the writer indicates how humans looking to comprehend and emotionally aid ladies with this advanced challenge must be in a position to paintings with these types of dimensions. the sensible software of this multi-dimensional, systems-based figuring out to therapy perform is validated via 3 in-depth case stories.

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Discrete mealtimes become a forgotten routine. While poor impulse control is similar in the different forms of addiction, the main difference between bulimia nervosa and alcoholism and drug dependence is the nature of the relationship to the ‘trigger’. Alcoholics and drug-dependent persons can completely avoid the offending substance; bulimics have to face their demon daily when they eat and therefore avoidant strategies will not work to defeat it. Secrecy and isolation The second behavioural theme concerns the way in which the client must become secretive about the behaviour, isolating herself from others in order to prevent discovery of her bingeing and purging.

Like a connecting band, this central issue of control runs through all these themes, presenting dilemmas for both client and therapist. The client wants to remain in the security of a delusional form of control over her life and yet she wants to regain authentic control. The therapist needs to be an active agent in reducing the negative effects of the disorder and yet he or she must not directly control the client for fear of losing her. 54 A SYSTEMIC TREATMENT OF BULIMIA NERVOSA Behavioural themes Bulimia nervosa has an increasing and insidious hold over the lives of many young women in terms of acquiring food, consuming it and regurgitating it.

In less industrialised societies, eating disorders generally tend to occur among the daughters of urban entrepreneurs and the professional elite who have been exposed to western mores (Littlewood 1995). Among nonEuropean minorities newly arrived in the West, there are generally fewer negative connotations of female obesity, less preoccupation with personal weight loss and a lower prevalence of bulimia nervosa (Davis and Yager 1992). There is growing evidence, however, that these differences disappear as the minority group adjusts to the culture of the host country (Davis and Katzman 1999).

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