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By Luise Abramowski, Alan E. Goodman

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Was translated into Syriac. On p. 51, 19 ff. the relationship between the eucharistic bread as the body of Christ and of Christ himself is used as an illustration of Nestorian christology. 1 This is in fact the idea of the Ps. Nestorius who wrote the dialogue at the beginning of the Liber Heraclidis, see L. Abramowski, 'Untersuchungen zurn Liber Heraclidis des Nestorius' (CSCO 242, Subs. 22), Louvain 1963, pp. 185 fr. The Nestorians of course took the whole Lib. Her. to be genuine. XXXIII C-2 INTRODUCTION The Bible text of Ps.

Rahmani, see apparatus ACO == Acta Conciliorum Oecumenicorum, ed. E. Schwartz, Strassburgf Berlin 1914 ff. Braun == O. , Eranistes == Theodoret, Eranistes, PG 83, cols. 28-3 I 7; the Roman numerals designate the dialogues, the quotations are numbered for each dialogue Flor. Greg. Schol. == Florileg mit den Gregor-Scholien, ed. L. Abramowski and A. van Roey, Orientalia Lovaniensia Periodica I, 1970, pp. 131-80 Gelasius == florilegium attached to Gelasius, De duabus naturis, ed. E. Schwartz, Publizistische Sammlungen zum acacianischen Schisma (Abh.

1924, 6), Muenchen 1925 Spanneut = M. Spanneut, Recherches sur les ecrits d'Eustathe d'Antioche, Lille 1948 Syn. Or. -B. Chabot, Synodicon Orientale ou recueil des synodes nestoriens (Notices et extraits . . de la Bibl. , vol. 37), Paris 1902 Syr. vg. = Syriac vulgate, Peshitta Syr. vt. , cpo = confer, compare conj. =coniecit (-erunt), conjecture(d) del. = delevit (-erunt), delendum, delete(d) edd. = editores, editors exemplar = U gr. , ross. = manuscript(s) om. = omisit, omits plur. = pluralis, plural script.

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