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By Iain Adamson

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This e-book has been known as a Workbook to make it transparent from the beginning that it isn't a standard textbook. traditional textbooks continue by way of giving in every one part or bankruptcy first the definitions of the phrases for use, the thoughts they're to paintings with, then a few theorems related to those phrases (complete with proofs) and eventually a few examples and routines to check the readers' realizing of the definitions and the theorems. Readers of this ebook will certainly locate the entire traditional constituents--definitions, theorems, proofs, examples and exercises­ yet no longer within the traditional association. within the first a part of the booklet could be came across a brief overview of the fundamental definitions of common topology interspersed with a wide num­ ber of workouts, a few of that are additionally defined as theorems. (The use of the observe Theorem isn't really meant as a sign of hassle yet of value and value. ) The routines are intentionally now not "graded"-after all of the difficulties we meet in mathematical "real life" don't are available in order of trouble; a few of them are extremely simple illustrative examples; others are within the nature of instructional difficulties for a conven­ tional direction, whereas others are really tricky effects. No recommendations of the workouts, no proofs of the theorems are integrated within the first a part of the book-this is a Workbook and readers are invited to aim their hand at fixing the issues and proving the theorems for themselves.

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2. Once the calissons have been colored, they appear as a collection of cubes in the corner of a room with a square floor and square walls. Looking at the configuration from above we see just the top faces of the cubes, which of course cover the floor. The same is true if we view the configuration from one of the sides. , calissons, in each orientation is the same. 3 Using cubes to sum integers In this section we present a collection of identities concerning sums of positive integers (which we will call simply “numbers” in this section) and visual proofs using solids composed of unit cubes (cubes with volume 1).

Although all the faces of an icosahedron are triangles, it is intimately associated with the regular pentagon and the golden ratio. For two examples: the outermost edges of the five triangular faces surrounding a vertex are the edges of a regular pentagon; each pair of opposite edges is a pair of opposite edges of a golden rectangle, an a b rectangle with b=a D ' 1:618, the golden ratio. 10a we see a 1983 postage stamp issued by the German Democratic Republic with a faulty rendering of a regular icosahedron.

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