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By Mas'ud ibn Umar Taftazani

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As for Reason: by deduction incon- brings about deductive knowledge, and the it is a cause of established by immediate perception the whole of a thing is it is falsehood. It brings about neces- knowledge of former kings second kind whom and is knowledge is also; and whatever of necessary, just as the greater than the part of it; it is that knowledge and whatever is established acquired. is not one of the causes of the cognition of the soundness of a thing with the People of Reality. The ject causes of knowledge by means him; that to yKnowledge is an attribute of the knowing sub- which any object referred to becomes revealed (yatajalla) to say, it becomes clear and evident and capable of being of is described by words, and this regardless of whether that object is something (ma'dum).

Al-Nasafi, following Abu Hanlfa and the position Another ground 9. " came it Many of the may show true perfection, at the end of and life since and the creature did not have the assurance of the outcome. Al-Taftazanl in his commentary appears to set aside the difference between the two positions by pointing out the different aspects from which each school looks at the matter. 10. happy 37 The Ash'arites held that there is or the miserable one throughout no change life, in the destiny of the but al-Nasafl as a Maturidite says happy one sometimes becomes miserable and that the miserable one sometimes becomes happy; however, there is no change in Allah's attributes of making happy and miserable.

Is that it is is a possible, by a purely creative act of Allah without any impression on the part of the senses. So it is not impossible that Allah create after the loss of sight an added perception of sounds, for example. If the question is raised because it is whether the sweetness and heat of a thing are not both together perceived by the tasting faculty, we reply in the negative; rather the sweetness ceived by taste and the heat by the sense of touch which mouth and is per- present in the the tongue.

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