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By Herbert Edward Read

ISBN-10: 1138913618

ISBN-13: 9781138913615

This publication, first released in 1947, is selection of severe essays by way of Herbert learn that had now not been formerly released in publication shape. The essays disguise numerous various topic parts, together with literature, artwork, structure, and movie, from a span of two decades. This identify can be of curiosity to numerous readers.

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It is " delicious " , as Coleridge said of one of these poems. And yet sometimes very subtle, as in the poem Coleridge had in mind, " T h e Flower " : H o w fresh, O Lord, how sweet a n d clean Are thy returns ! ev'n as the flowers in spring ; T o which, besides their own demean, T h e lãte-pãst frosts tributes of pleasure bring. Grief melts away Like snow in M a y , As if there were no such cold thing. N o other poet until Hopkins came would have ventured to place four successive stresses in a line, thereby achieving such a pleasing and unexpected variety of r h y t h m .

T h e y are m u c h more—to use a word from the jargon of our time — " ideological " t h a n Goya's etchings. Marvellous as technical achievements, they do not so m u c h reveal the nature of war, as the motives of those who wage war. W a r for Daumicr was essentially political, his subjects mainly d r a w n from civil conflicts. Not that the ferocity is thereby abated : civil war has horrors all its own, as we saw but recently in Spain. 9. George Herbert C O L E R I D G E , who did so m u c h to restore Herbert's reputation as a poet, gave him as an example of the " neutral " style, by which he m e a n t a style common to both prose a n d verse.

It stands at the midpoint of a revolution as significant as the one we are now enduring. It is the autobiography of a poet w h o was then a revolutionary, a n d nothing that Wordsworth could subsequently do to the poem could alter its revolutionary significance. Wordsworth, in fact, more t h a n Shelley or Byron, represents the revolt against the literary a n d political ideals of a century. But equally he can be described as looking forward over a century, a n d giving that century, the nineteenth, new poetic a n d philosophical ideals.

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