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By Hans Walser

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The ninety nine issues of intersection awarded right here have been accumulated in the course of a year-long look for awesome concurrence of traces. for every instance we discover compelling facts for the occasionally startling incontrovertible fact that in a geometrical determine 3 directly traces, or occasionally circles, go through one and an identical element. after all, we're conversant in a few examples of this from uncomplicated effortless geometry - the intersection of medians, altitudes, attitude bisectors, and perpendicular bisectors of aspects of a triangle. the following there are numerous extra examples - a few for figures except triangles, a few the place much more than 3 immediately strains go through a typical point.The major a part of the ebook offers ninety nine issues of intersection in basic terms visually. they're constructed in a series of figures, many with no caption or verbal statement. moreover the booklet includes common strategies on and examples of the issues of intersection, in addition to a few usual tools of proving their life. a few of the examples proven within the publication have been encouraged by means of questions and proposals made via scholars and high-school lecturers. a number of of these examples haven't just a geometrical, but in addition an fascinating aesthetic, aspect.The ebook addresses high-school scholars and scholars on the undergraduate point in addition to their academics, yet will entice someone attracted to geometry

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