50 Templates for Improving Teaching and Learning by Nigel Fisher, Peter Langley PDF

By Nigel Fisher, Peter Langley

ISBN-10: 095570300X

ISBN-13: 9780955703003

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This is often the case for students with conditions such as dyslexia or mental health difficulties (Holloway, 2004, 2006). It is part of the process of providing the ‘big picture’, one of the key stages in what is sometimes called the Accelerated Learning Cycle (Smith, 1996). How to use The form could be used at the start of an assignment. In order to use it effectively there needs to be some discussion within each group as to who does what and how – the teacher may need to provide guidance, the extent of which will depend on the level of independent learning skills within the class.

Key points of discussion It’s not easy to agree on what we mean by the ‘best’ Some people think the style of football is the most entertaining – does this make it best? It attracts many of the world’s best footballers – does this make it best? If it were, the best English teams would win the Champions League and the Super Cup more often than they do The Premiership is the most popular football league for TV viewers overseas Conclusions It might be the most famous league, but the lack of success of England in international competitions suggests it is not the best in terms of the standard of football Evaluation/assessment/feedback/further questions If it is not the best, which league is?

Timekeeper Makes sure the group are always aware of meeting deadlines and spend a sensible amount of time on each task. Notes key points of discussions and any decisions reached. Secretary Summariser Identifies key points and summarises discussions. Includer Makes sure everyone in the group has contributed. Chairperson Leads discussions and debates, makes sure everyone has the chance to put their views across. Puts forward one view. Does not have to agree with the view personally. Promoter Opponent Argues against a view.

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